I am always keen to hear from potential candidates who are interested to join my team which mainly focuses on text mining, natural language processing (NLP), information retrieval using machine learning methods. We propose new methods (novel mathematical models) in machine learning. So, please feel free to get in touch if you are passionate about Mathematics or like solving interesting problems around search and NLP.

Currently, my team is supported by different Innovate UK sponsored projects, innovation grants, and funded PhD scholarship from BT and the University of Essex.

My team currently comprises of the following members whom I supervise or co-supervise directly:

  1. Mahsa Abazari Kia: Mahsa is currently funded by BT (formerly British Telecom) and is exploring novel methods in multi-document text summarisation.

  2. Mozhgan Talebpour: Mozhgan is currently an RA on a KTP project with a company and a PhD student. Mozhgan is exploring computational methods to model heterogeneous datasets.

  3. António Guilherme Correia: António is currently based in UTAD, Portugal. He is exploring new methods to model scientific literature and how science has changed over time. He has published extensively in his research area with a paper getting nominated for the best paper award.

  4. Reyhaneh Hashempour: Reyhaneh is a PhD student and a KTP Associate. She is working on exploring novel embeddings methods for phrases.

  5. Hamad A Zogan: Hamad is currently a PhD student at University of Technology Sydney. Hamad is exploring novel methods in machine learning to discover depression on social media. Prof. Guandong Xu is the main supervisor with whom I am collaborating on various topics.

  6. Anastasia Tomita: Anastisia is currently working on my GCRF grant developing novel methodologies for image localisation.

  7. Yogesh Kumar Meena: (starting February 2021 as a post-doctoral research associate). Yogesh will work on an Innovate UK sponsored project with Mersea Homes, co-supervised by Haider and me.

I also actively collaborate with the leading people in the academia and industries, for example:

  1. Professor Steven Schockaert: He is the main reason why I am in the United Kingdom. I got an opportunity to be a part of his Euro 1.5 million ERC Starting grant. Together we proposed several novel models to generate new vector spaces or word embeddings which we published in several prestigious venues.

  2. Lidong Bing: Lidong is based in Alibaba DAMO Academy in Singapore. He is not only my collaborator but also a very close friend. He is an active researcher publishing consistently in leading venues.

  3. Zied Bouraoui: Zied who is based in CRIL, France. I had got an opportunity to work with Zied at Cardiff University.

  4. Professor Wai Lam: I started my research under his supervision at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Under his supervision, I have published in various premier conferences and journals. I was a member of the Text Mining Group and still work with him and his students on various topics involving text.

  5. Yan Kun: With Yan, who is currently associated with Peking University, works in topics such as image processing. We are together exploring how text information could help improve various tasks in image processing. Kun is a studen of Professor Ping Wang.

  6. Professor Guandong Xu: I have also recently started collaboration with Prof. Xu and his group. Working with his group gives me opportunities to explore novel methods which could be applied to real-world tasks on social media and other datasets.

I occassionally collaborate with some other active researchers such as Jose and Luis both based in Cardiff University. They are excellent researchers who explore novel methods on relation extraction from unstructured text.